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  • We are a non profit organization dedicated to understanding and helping anyone that is having a difficult time.
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  • We are located in Utah but can be found every where in every person who has ever had a difficult time in life.
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  • We provide information to help anyone learn more about the importance of baptism.
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  • Our mission is to help educate everyone that you can learn more about baptism today.
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    What Is Baptism

    What is Baptism

    Whether you have gone to any Church or just have basic beliefs, baptism is an important ordinance to help guide you in life.
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    Baptism is an amazing blessing that you can enjoy in your own life. Whether you have made mistakes or don’t feel like you are on God’s path you can become worthy of baptism and draw nearer to your Heavenly Father.
    There are many blessings you will receive when you accept Heavenly Fathers plan and choose to be baptized. The first of these blessings is you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost as a constant guide to help you along the pathway of life. He will help show you the way when life gets hard and be a constant reminder on how to stay on God’s path.
    To enjoy the blessing of the Holy Ghost you simply need to learn more about God’s plan for you and become baptized. While this path may be difficult I promise you it will be worth it. To learn more about the Holy Ghost and Heavenly Father’s plan for you please order the FREE book found on the right of this page or view the video below. You may also visit the other links on this page.


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